WSB SUMMER CUP for Natural Women.

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1 week 2 days ago #829873 by Dave Scott
WSB SUMMER CUP for Natural Women. was created by Dave Scott
Good morning all and hope we are looking forward to the Cup on Saturday.

It's a pity we don't have a mount for Rachael Venniker in these days of woman becoming more and more prominent in men's sports.

What about the performance of Fallon Sherrock at DARTS "unbelievable 180s" 😳 👏

As far as jockeys what can one say about Rachael Blackmore, Haley Turner, Bryony Frost, Hollie Doyle, Lizzie Kelly, Jamie Kah and many more.
Plus they are all natural women not like Caitlyn Jenner formally Bruce, now that is just cheating IMO.

I know it's dangerous these days and you have to be politically correct (PC) as they say.
I was born in the days where the AWB were the average white band and Scots were Jocks, the English, Poms the French, Frogs and the Italians/Latinos were Spics but now I am sure it's not PC to mention Chinese, Pakistani's etc.
I think we have all become over sensitive and lost our sense of humour.
Plus we have protests and objections for everything, especially in the judicial system.

Back to the subject of the lovely ladies, I tried to get a bet on Meghan Markle being the next president of USA and I know she looks great in a suit 😀
Plus her husband Harry (formally known as Prince) has the breeding to be the first man.

Getting back to the WSB Summer Cup .
I will be at a Betway function this evening where some good information should be available.
The pick 6 is estimated at R10M and we will be hoping to catch a share.
My early thoughts in addition to some excellent posts on the site, are as follows:

Leg one: Big Burn and Sheela top the list but others must be included.
Leg two: very difficult 1/2/4/5/12/13 at least.
Leg three: 1/2/4/5.
Leg four: 8/9
Leg five: WOA banker sticking to the female theme.
Last leg: the field.

Don't forget next week in the Cape where Desert Miracle opened 9/20 and do I hear you say "thats bloody short for this special filly".

A big tote concern here is that it's probably going to pay R1.00 or R1.10 on the tote and this is becoming a regular problem to try and attract punters to take a punt on the tote.
Maybe some of the pick 6 carry over money should be allocated to ensure some return is given towards any risk.

It's a bit early for Cheltenham and the Champion Hurdle, Chase and Cup winners are the real stars and Rachael Blackmore is sure to be the jock to follow.
Honeysuckle (Rachael)
Shishkin will be hot but Nube Negra a big danger.
The Irish can win the Cup with A Plus Tard (Rachael).

I will close now and just to mention that when Carole King wrote her masterpiece album Tapestry, she probably never thought there would be an alternative to a natural woman.

Good Punting and may your God be with you 🙏

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