African Betting Clan (we, our or ABC) who own and operate and may use cookies and other similar tracking technologies to improve the performance and usability of our website.

Please read this policy to understand the purposes for which ABC may use cookies and other similar tracking technologies and how you can control their use.

What are cookies, and what do they do?

Cookies are small files of numbers and letters that a website transfers to your device to store and occasionally track information about you.
Cookies are often used by websites and can perform many useful functions, for example, recalling a user’s preferences and counting the number of users visiting a website.

What are the types of cookies used?

First and third-party cookies

First-party cookies are set directly by the operator of the website visited by the user. These cookies allow the website operator to gather information about a user's visit, allowing the website to remember the user's choices and preferences, such as font size, colour, language, or region settings.

Third-party cookies are generated by the operators of websites other than those visited directly by the user. These cookies are mainly used for advertising purposes.

Session and persistent cookies

Also known as transient cookies, these cookies are temporary and are only active when using the ABC website. They will not remain on your device following the closure of your browser session. Session cookies are often required to support the essential functions of the website, such as the efficient and timely delivery of web pages to the user.

Also known as stored cookies, persistent cookies will remain on your device until they expire or are actively removed. Persistent cookies are often used to track a user’s movement around the website to help identify their habits and improve their website experience.

What sort of cookies may we use?

ABC may use the following types of cookies:

Strictly necessary cookies. These cookies are critical for the correct operation of the ABC website. For example, they include cookies that enable you to move between web pages delivered to you, enhance your website experience, and allow an easy return to previously visited pages. These cookies also help ABC confirm that you have accepted our use of cookies and allow us to test alternative designs on our website.

Performance cookies. These cookies provide ABC with the capability to recognise and count the number of visitors to our website. This information provides us with valuable information to improve the performance of our site. Specifically, they allow ABC to appreciate the popularity of web pages on our website and help visitors effectively navigate around our website.

Functional cookies. These cookies enable ABC to provide greater functionality and personalisation of our website. For example, these cookies may be used to identify you when you return to our website and personalise your experience by remembering the choices and preferences you applied, such as font size, colour, choice of region, or language.

Advertising or marketing cookies. These cookies are used to track your activity on our website, such as the web pages you have visited, the interest you have shown in the content presented, and the hyperlinks you have clicked on that we may have provided. We may also use these cookies to personalise the content and advertising we deliver to you, and we may share the information with third parties to provide specific advertisements.

Tracking technologies

ABC may use similar tracking technologies to cookies on our website, such as web beacons and tracking pixels, to improve your online experience.
A web beacon or tracking pixel is a snippet of code placed on a website or in an email to track users' actions when they visit a website or send emails.

Linking to third-party websites

The ABC website may include hyperlinks for your convenience. By clicking on a hyperlink, you will be redirected to a third-party website that may be using cookies.
Please note that ABC has no control over how third-parties use or set their cookies. Therefore, we recommend that you check each third-party website you visit to understand how they use cookies and how you control their use.

How can you control cookies?

Most web browsers allow you to manage and control cookies. We have provided hyperlinks to commonly used web browsers where you can adjust your cookie preferences.

For further details on how to control and delete cookies, please visit or

If you choose to block or disable the cookies used by Africa Betting Clan on our website, this may change its operation and cause certain functions of our website to not function as expected. Africa Betting Clan recommends that you accept the cookies used on our website.

Policy changes

ABC may make changes to this policy if there are changes to the cookies we use for legal, regulatory, or other business reasons.

Please review this cookie policy regularly to remain up to date with how we use cookies.

Contact us

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