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Here is our Mission Statement, in keeping with the ethos of our site, we thank Clansman Wally for his contribution to the mission statement via his post on the African Betting Clan horse racing discussion forum.


Mission Statement - African Betting Clan is established for the upliftment of the sports punter, who enjoys a bet on horseracing, football and other sports, enabling them to voice their views and opinions on all aspects of the sport of their choice, free of charge.

Everyone who joins the CLAN can discuss a multitude of sports events with a view to increasing the knowledge-base of all interested parties. Horse Racing is by far the most represented sport and we welcome the views of the many owners, trainers, punters and all racing stakeholders, all of whom post their contributions on our discussion forums. Members glean what they want to and discuss selections for the day and the general well being of the sport. Objectives are to provide an insight into racing that was in the main kept behind a large brick wall and to find those winners. The punter now has preferred choices to make and if the sport is to emerge strongly in the face of fierce competition and the corporatisation of its dominant racing operator, we have come to appreciate that all stakeholders need to appreciate each others role. African Betting Clan is the catalyst for this to happen.

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