2nd Jackpot & Summer Cup

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1 year 8 months ago #776316 by The Saint
2nd Jackpot & Summer Cup was created by The Saint
The racing authorities should be klapped with n nat vadoek.

What do they not understand?
Introducing a new bet to increase turnover? Really?
As a longtime punter, you only bet what you can afford and as per your budget per race meeting, meaning that as a punter, you will still wage your normal daily budget but now into pizza dived into 10 pieces instead of 8, resulting in the applicable pools to decline!
I'm not increasing my budget to place additional bets such as a 2and Jacpot, what is next, placing a bet on the jockey with the best haircut on the day?

Slowly but surely you are getting rid of the core, the heartbeat of horse racing, the punter.

Can't wait to attend the Summer Cup this weekend, pitty though is that regular racegoers will again have to settle for the worst parking spots midfield somewhere where you need a 4 x 4 not to damage your car..., paying entrance fee perhaps whilst you so called celebrities and guests get the freedom of the course.

Catch a wakeup racing South Africa, I can walk into Eperors Casino on Saturday, free entrance, airconditioned rooms, totes availability and service from trained staff members, correct change given, ample Good parking, and great food an beverages.

I believe the Ferious room now charge R795 per person for Saturdays racing... and that for the worst overcharged buffet ever.

You are milking the cow dry!

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