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durbanville 12

Durbanville - Turf

Close to 2000m oval, tight track low draws an advantage in sprints


Upcoming  Fixtures



Fairview Raceourse

Fairview Turf/Poly

Turf track has an 800m run-in with no real draw Bias.

Poly track has a 400m run-in where a low draw can be an advantage!


Upcoming Fixtures


Sun 29th Oct(t) Algoa Cup

Fri 3rd Nov(p)

Fri 10th Nov(t)

Fri 17th Nov(t)

Mon 20th Nov(p)

Fri 24th Nov(p)



Flamingo Park

2000m oval sand track. Races up to 1000m straight course; beyond 1000m clockwise round turn with 600m run-in.


Upcoming Fixtures


Mon 30th Oct

Mon 6th Nov

Mon 13th Nov

Mon 27th Nov




Greyville Turf/Poly  - Tight track low draws prefered


Upcoming Fixtures


Fri 20th Oct(p)

Sun 22nd Oct(t)

Fri 27th Oct(p)



Kenilworth - Summer and Winter courses, both tracks have surfaces to be proud of! Winter course has a shorter run in.

No draw bias, although connections are known to use a high draw to explain poor runs.


Upcoming Fixtures


Tues 31st Oct

Sat 4th Nov

Thu 9th Nov

Sat 11th Nov

Wed 15th Nov

Sat 18th Nov

Wed 22nd Nov

Sat 25th Nov

Wed 29th Nov




Scottsville Right handed oval with a seperate sprint track(draw bias changes)


Upcoming Fixtures






Turffontein -

Standside and Inside tracks, both tracks are in fabulous condition. The inside track a low draw is a big advantage(1000-1600m)

Sprints up the straight on the standside track


Upcoming Fixtures


Tue 31st Oct(S) night racing

Sat 4th Nov(s) Charity Mile

Thu 9th Nov(s) Night racing - Victory Moon

Sat 11th Nov(i)

Sat 19th Nov(i) RA Jock Challenge

Sat 25th Nov(s) Sansui Summer Cup



vaal opened

Vaal Turf  - Three tracks Inside, Outside, Classic (bias changes, but a high draw on the outside track has been advantageous)


Upcoming Fixtures


Thu 2nd Nov(c)

Tue 7th Nov (c)

Tue 14th Nov(c)

Thu 16th Nov

Thu 23rd Nov(c)

Tue 28th Nov

Thu 30th Nov(c)







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